Dazzlin Smiles - I have cancelled and still they send product

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I signed up for a sample with DazzlinSmiles - then, along came product ($90) - I cancelled via the website - more product arrives ($90) - phone the Florida number cancel again, more product arrives.

This time I am returning the product from the UK to Chicago (more expense)

Next step - change bank card -

There must be a reason for basing a company in Panama, they are untouchable by most laws of commerce.

The product does work on some teeth (just for the record) but other teeth are going transparent rather than white.

I think tooth paste is just as good as this stuff.


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Out right Fraud!! This Dazzlin Smiles BS

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Same thing happened to me and I got nowhere with the company and told them it was fraud and they did NOT have my authorization for add'l debt amount other than the sample for a couple bucks.Yes we need to take this company down...It said on the bank on-line statement that is was located in Panama Beach, so I called the # and they argued with me and said I did not respond timely to the 30 day time frame to cancel.

There was no such thing on the clickable link to cancel or agree to anything.

Think how much they are raping people for at close to a hundred bucks a pop.Not to mention the stuff spewed out of the little syringe and I got nothing honey.

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Dazzlin Smiles - Dazzlin smile is a scam

Dallas, Texas 2 comments
Not resolved

I read the other consumer's review and the same exact thing happened to me I just got the charge today on a purchase made several weeks ago.I never agreed to any other charge other than the shipping and handling of 3.87.

I am trying to contact them now and there is no invoice that was sent with the merchandise.

Now I have to go through the same process of contacting the bank PLEASE DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!!!And you should be ashamed of yourselves but i know that you are not this is what makes trusting the internet hard.

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I also was scamed by this company!I sent back one of two tubes as they said and canceled my membership over the phone and they still hit me with an 87.00 dollar charge.

It seems like they are fishing, they send out a small charge a few days ahead of the big charge, They know what thier doing!:(


That's right!Chalk me up to the foolery!

I never ever order a promise from the 'net. The ad I saw was from a Seattle woman who said 2 whitening products (Dazzlin Smile and this other one) were awesome for the 4.00 a pc. she paid for trials.

I got the same charge as above with no number to contact that works.SCAM-SCAM-SCAM...

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